Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Leg Warmer Tutorial

OK, so I have seen these baby legs every where online and just HAD to make some for our sweet little girl! There are a TON of tutorials out there on how to make these ADORABLE baby leg warmers, but I thought I would show you how I did them!

First, find a great deal on some women's dress/trouser socks (not women's knee socks...those would be too long) I found my socks at Target for $2.00 a pair!!! SCORE!!!! :)

Be sure to cut just above the ankle and toes taking off only the toe and heel section of your sock. I used a ruler and rotary cutter for this. Throw heel & toe scraps away and you will be left with 2 tubes. The leg tube & the foot tube!

Take your "foot tube" or the shorter tube and fold it in half lining up the raw edges with right sides together. Then place your leg tube into the folded foot tube and line up all of the raw edges.

Then be sure to pin the tubes together, only 3 layers down leaving an opening for where your sweet baby legs will come through! I may be a bit of an over pinner...but I hate things moving around! :P Sew 1/4 in. all the way around the sock making sure to back stitch for durability. Then take your pinking shears and pink around the outside to take off the raw edges.

Fold down legging and then put them on your sweet little baby!!! This was an easy 20 minute project & these make diaper changes so easy and keep those sweet legs warm! They look adorable under dresses and skirts as well. Aren't they just the CUTEST!?!?!?! I made 5 pair. ENJOY!!!!

*By the way, these are SUPER cute as arm warmers too for the older kids! My 3 year old can wear these on his arms with a regular t-shirt for the cooler fall days! LOVE IT!!! For more arm warmer ideas check this tutorial out! Btw, I LOVE the little birdie secret blog! :)



Tiffany Shanks. said...

Cute I wish I had a girl to make them for.

independent midwives said...

When you add leg warmers to the mix, the combination is almost irresistible. Leg warmers are incredibly practical for the wintertime: Aside from keeping your little one's chubby gams nice and warm, they slide on and off easily for diaper changes.