Saturday, July 12, 2008


Thursday was a fun and eventful day of jammin! My dear friend Crystal and her son Caleb came over for the fun. We spent the day cleaning, mashing and making some yummy homemade freezer jam. Let me tell you it is the easiest thing on earth and I feel so domestic! It is the best on toast, PBJ's, waffles, cottage cheese, ice cream, in your milk shakes and the list goes on and on.

It had been 4 years since I made this yummy treat and my Hubby was sooooo glad that I made it this summer. Here is the link to the Sure-jell recipe I used. ENJOY!!!

You will LOVE the end result...I promise!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Seattle's Farmers Market

So sorry I have not posted for the last 5 days! I went on vacation and we had NO Internet. It was great to have a break but I missed you guys terribly too! On our vacation we went to Widbey Island and stayed in Oak Harbor for the 4Th with friends. (right off the Puget Sound) We saw such a wonderful display of fireworks and had great food & fellowship with friends. We also went hiking, kayaking, shopping, etc...what FUN!

Then on the way home we stayed in Seattle for the night and had a BLAST! We went to visit the Farmers Market and I absolutely LOVED it! There were so many amazing things from fresh fish, produce, jewelry, flowers, homemade bags, gifts, etc... I had a blast looking through everything!
I LOVE flowers soooo much and I wanted to buy a bouquet to take home with me, but instead I just took pictures of them. (That way I can enjoy them longer than a week!)

I couldn't believe how many vendors there were and how many levels of the market there were! It was HUGE! I have totally been inspired to check out the Saturday Market in Portland...can you believe I have never been there??? Anyway, I also have a SUPER SMALL Saturday market in my little town too! I'll have to check that out too. There is just nothing like local produce and all the fun stuff you can find at your local Saturday market. Which reminds me...I have to buy some flats of strawberries before they are outta season. Looks like I am making homemade freezer jam this week! YAY!