About me

Growing up I have VERY fond memories of my Grandmother sewing in her sewing room. She always made me Barbie doll clothes and regular doll clothes. I LOVED them and I knew I was the only girl who had these exact outfit for my dolls. She also made me a matching set of Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls. Unfortunately I don't have ANY of them to pass down, but I do have her quilt that she made me! There is nothing like wrapping my self up in her quilt knowing that my Grandmother put this together with love so I could snuggle up and enjoy it on the couch with coffee & a good book.

So It got me thinking a lot about sewing myself. I have dabbled in it here and there for the past 4 years. But it wasn't until about a year ago that I really took off! I have a Baby quilt with the top part finished but still in the making and I have truly enjoyed all the fun crafts you can whip up. Having access to the Internet has opened a whole new door for me. I have learned so many things from fellow sewer and crafters who are gifted and willing to share with others! There are videos & tutorials galore and it has inspired me all over again! The purpose of Sew What!?!? is to share what I have learned with my friends so then they can go out and learn or make it them selves! We are all learning and we are all teaching!
So, I figure since it's in my blood, I always want to know more and I am very interested in making all the cute baby items, crafts, blankets, quilts, etc... What a fun way to share something special with my Grandmother even though she is no longer with us. It just makes me feel close to her when I am sitting at the machine. I can't believe how relaxing it is to be sewing while my munchkins are down for their nap. There is nothing like some good quiet Mama time! Now I can make sweet things to give to my kids as well as family & friends so they can one day wrap that blanket of love around them and think of me & how much I love and care for them! HAPPY SEWING!!!