Monday, October 27, 2008


This weekend we went up to my in-laws farm and finally got a Christmas picture. The fall here in the Northwest is amazing, but usually we miss out on taking advantage of the amazing colors because it rains so much. But this weekend we enjoyed the mostly sunny & 65 degrees!

My Hubby snapped this sweet shot as we were walking down the dirt road toward the park where all the pressing was happening.

These apples were all natural from a neighbors apple tree, when all was said and done we ended up pressing 40 gallons of cider...with lots of help of course!

Here is my Hubby crankin the old press. Can you believe this press was patented in 1921?

And here we are folks...the pure goodness!!! We strained the juice and then added some whole cloves and warmed it up on the fire. It was sooooo worth the hard work! I actually just finished a cold glass as I typed this...Mmmmmm.
We had a WONDERFUL weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, with all these yummy fresh veggies at the local produce stands I just HAD to share with you one of our FAVES!!! It's gotta be the CORN! I wasn't sure how well Payton would do with Corn on the cob but obviously he figured it out! He LOVED it soooo much that now he doesn't want it any other way!

Hmmm...How do you eat this???

Oh...this works!!!!

Even Daddy & Mommy LOVE Corn!!!

I HEART CORN...I think we polished off 6 between the 3 of us!

Payton also LOVED picking fresh tomatoes with Great Grandma!