Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, with all these yummy fresh veggies at the local produce stands I just HAD to share with you one of our FAVES!!! It's gotta be the CORN! I wasn't sure how well Payton would do with Corn on the cob but obviously he figured it out! He LOVED it soooo much that now he doesn't want it any other way!

Hmmm...How do you eat this???

Oh...this works!!!!

Even Daddy & Mommy LOVE Corn!!!

I HEART CORN...I think we polished off 6 between the 3 of us!

Payton also LOVED picking fresh tomatoes with Great Grandma!


Anna Mae said...

so cute! i'm an Iowa farm girl, so i appreciate a good plate full of corn on the cob! :D lol LOVE your page!

Crystal said...

Cute pictures!