Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mod Podge Letter Tutorial

I HEART FALL!!! Fall is pretty much my ALL TIME FAVORITE season!!! I love everything that comes with it. Sweaters, Chai Lattes, colored leaves, chilly mornings, scarfs, the earth tone colors, pumpkins, soup...the list goes ON & ON!!!! :) So, I pulled out my fall wreath the other day and hung it on the door, bought a new Pumpkin Spice Candle and had it burning and realized that since pumpkins aren't quite out yet that I needed some fall colors inside! This is what I came up with for my fire place mantel! Simple & easy...seriously took me about 10-15 minutes to make. Enjoy!

Items you will need:

Card Board or chip board letter
Scrap book paper (1 page)
Mod podge glue
A cheap nail file
A sponge applicator brush

First, be sure to purchase your letter of choice! I think this works best on the cardboard/chip board type letters. I bought mine from Craft warehouse for $2.50! Then go get out that scrapbook suitcase that is hidden away in your closet and find some paper with fall colors, or paper that has your house colors in it so you can have it up all year round!

Trace your letter backwards on the BACK of your scrap book paper of choice. Be sure to cut it out carefully along the line.

Then, I poured some mod podge glue on a paper plate and applied a light coat to the chip board letter with the sponge applicator.

I then place the cut out letter carefully on top of the glue pressing out any bubbles or bumps. Try to line it up as close as you can get it. Don't worry if a little is hanging off at this time.

Take your file out and go along the outside of your letter filing off any paper that is hanging over and making the edges nice and clean!

*At this time if you are wanting a glossy finish to your letter then you would wait 12 hrs. to let the glue underneath dry. Then you could apply another layer of the mod podge on top of your letter for the glossy finish. As you apply it, it will look milky...but once it has dried completely it will be clear! Be sure to let the letter dry fully before displaying! I liked the look mine had up to this point and decided against the glossy's your choice!

Now, display your handy work and enjoy your pumpkin spice candle! Happy Fall!!! :)


Lindy said...

I love scrapbook paper and all the great things you can do with it these days! Nice project!

Janell said...

Thanks Lindy! I do too and this was such a perfect project for all of those pretty papers that I haven't used yet! :)