Saturday, November 29, 2008


My baby will be 19 months in a few days and he is getting soooo big! He is loving the song "Old MacDonald" he calls it "E-I-O" It cracks me up. We also sing the ABC's and count to 5 a lot. All he says is "1-2-1-2-1-2-5" Its sooo funny! He also starts the Alphabet song with me "A-B" and then he just listens to me while I finish. He LOVES letters though and can point and say "A-D-B-O-W (which sounds like wa-woo)-N-and Y! Not too bad huh? He also has a good friend Levi and he follows him around calling him Ve-vi. I just love hearing him talk so much more now, he just picked up a few new words & phrases. He says "socks on, see ya, Yove you, Mem-i (semi truck), hot, ba (bath), and lots more...I should really keep a list! Oh, also today I was doing my Turbo Jam and at the end during the cool down there is some Ti Chi and Payton was trying to do it with me. he is getting so observant! Anyway, they sure grow right before our eyes don't they! What a blessing =]


Christin said...

Yes, it's exciting to see children developing and learning right before our eyes! I set up my blog, 3-School, for that very reason! It is geared to helping me and other's who are interested, to do fun activities which will nurture our children's creative streaks and also teach in the process! They are learning all the time and we should take the opportunity to pour into them every chance we get. :) Sounds like you're doing that very thing! Enjoy every minute because they sure grow fast!

Crystal said...

I can't believe how fast Payton is growing up. It's interesting to see the gap closing between him and Caleb. Caleb turned 1 this week and I can't believe it. I just wrote my own blog about it. It's kind of like yours =]