Friday, October 8, 2010

Lily Pad Toss Game Tutorial (Part 2)

So for those of you who missed part one of this game, you can find it here.  We completed our four little frogs and now all they need is some ADORABLE Lily pads right!?  So I found this adorable & free peony template.  I saved it and then printed it out on card stock and cut these little flowers out of felt! 

 I tried searching online for a lily pad template that I could use and I just couldn't come across the right shape and size that I wanted.  So I pulled out an old trick from K-4 Kindergarten and folded a piece of printer paper in half and cut out an egg/ovel-ish type shape and made my own lily pad.  Anyone remember making hearts that way so that both sides of your heart were even!?  :)  (Sorry I am not talented enough to actually share my template with you because I have NO IDEA how to do that.)  I then traced and cut the lily pads out of felt as well. 

I ended up making 5 lily pads and numbered them 1-5 using PUFF PAINT!!!  I hot glued the flowers onto the lily pads and then puff painted the center of the flowers, as well as the eyes on the frogs!.  (I LOVE that stuff  & by the sure to make these the day before allowing time to dry before you wrap up that sweet little gift!)
 I then printed out that adorable frog poem that came with the Purl frog pattern as well as the directions for the game that I found on Mama Urchin and put them on some card stock so they could refer back to them as they needed!
I wrapped everything up in a cute little tin that they could keep or carry their game around in and topped it with a bow!  Happy Birthday Addison and Abigail!  I really hope you girls enjoy this super fun game!  Love you!!!

I am sooo sad that I forgot to take my camera along to the party...I wanted to get an action shot of the girls playing the game.  They loved it and my 3 year old loved it too!  I think I'm going to have to make him a set so he can play with brother when he gets a little older!  Hope you make these...they were really fun!