Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lily Pad Toss Game Tutorial (Part 1)


***WARNING:  I am pretty much self taught and I learn as I go!  This blog is a place that I can share my fun and creativity...even if it isn't quite perfect!  This tutorial will NOT be perfect and I would LOVE any outside impute to make my sewing experience easier!  THANK YOU!!!  :)

I found this ADORABLE FREE Purl Frog (frog bean bag) pattern here by the Purl Bee and I was inspired to make some adorable little frogs!!!!  THEN I came across Mama Urchin who put together the lily pad toss game with the purl frogs here!

But for who & for what shall I make these little cuties!?!?!  Well, it just so happened that 2 of my sweet young friends who are also sisters were turning 8 & 10 and having a joint birthday party!  PERFECT!!!!!!  So this is my take on the frogs & the game!  Hope you have someone sweet to make this was SEW much FUN!!!  :)

First, I started out by printing the purl frog pattern from here on card stock and then cutting it out.  Be sure to find two coordinating fabrics for each frog and cut a frog pattern out of each one!  These were what I had on hand from other projects!  Fat quarters would work great for this project too!  Pin the card stock pattern to your fabric and then cut out the frog using your fabric scissors.

Then pin WRONG SIDES facing each other (I know in this picture the fabric is pinned right sides together, but how I truly made these they need to be wrong sides already looking like the finished project.)

Then sew around the frog using a 1/4 inch seam but leave an opening between the frogs legs to fill with beans!  (In this picture I tried sewing without pinning and I HIGHLY recommend that you pin before you sew...much easier!)

I then took my pinking shears and pinked the entire frog except for the opening where the beans would be added.  (The purl frog tutorial recommended that you pin and sew the frog right sides together and then turn him inside out before you fill him with beans.  I was trying to cheat/save time and came up with this version.  I honestly didn't want to take the time turning the frogs and I didn't mind the pinking look! Feel free to do as you like here!)

Then I filled my frog with dried split peas using a funnel!  Feel free to use lentils or any other favorite small dried bean!  Then be sure to hand sew the opening closed...good and tight!  You don't want any beans getting out during your game!  (Sorry I don't have a picture of the hand sewing...truth is, I DON'T know how!!!  :(  I tried cheating and sewing it on the machine...but that did NOT work.  So, I went on youtube and found a very helpful video I think this slip stitch is perfect for this project!)

Here are my finished four little friends!!!  Now they just need some Lily pads...don't you think!?!?  :) 
Stay tuned for part 2 of the Lily Pad Toss Game!

**Updated: You can find part 2 of this tutorial here!